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           Transformation and migration of phosphorus in excess sludge reduction pretreatment by alkaline ferrate oxidation combined with
           anaerobic digestion
              Xiang Li, Y. Yuan, Y. Huang, C. Guo, R. Jin, T. Liu and J. Ma                                      224
           Transport of citrate and polymer coated gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) in porous media: Effect of surface property and Darcy velocity
              Chunyu Wen, Mette M. Broholm, Jun Dong, Basil Uthuppu, Mogens Havsteen Jakobsen and Annika S. Fjordbøge  235
           Comparative investigation of coal- and oil-fired boilers based on emission factors, ozone and secondary organic aerosol formation
           potentials of VOCs
              Hsi-Hsien Yang, Sunil Kumar Gupta, Narayan Babu Dhital, Lin-Chi Wang and Suresh Pandian Elumalai   245
           Volatile organic chloramines formation during ClO 2 treatment
              Yuanzhi Hu, Qian Yang, Yang Guo, Jie Xu, Wenfeng Zhou, Jing Li and Ernest R. Blatchley             256
           Characteristics and sources of WSI in North China Plain: A simultaneous measurement at the summit and foot of Mount Tai
              Yi Cui, Yan Yin, Kui Chen, Xin Zhang, Xiang Kuang, Hui Jiang, Honglei Wang, Zhongxiu Zhen and Chuan He  264
           Electronic cigarettes and toxic substances, including arsenic species
              Wenchan Deng, Jordan R.M. Schofield, X. Chris Le, and Xing-Fang Li                                  278
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