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UV/H2O2 oxidation of tri(2-chloroethyl) phosphate: Intermediate products, degradation pathway and toxicity evaluation

Qiuyi Ji,Huan He,Zhanqi Gao,Xiaohan Wang,Shaogui Yang,Cheng Sun,Shiyin Li,Yong Wang,Limin Zhang

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Atmospheric fine particles in a typical coastal port of Yangtze River Delta

Qi Yuan,Xiaomi Teng,Shaoxuan Tu,Binxin Feng,Zhiyu Wu,Hang Xiao,Qiuliang Cai,Yinxiao Zhang,Qiuhan Lin,Zhaoce Liu,Mengmeng He,Xiaokun Ding,Weijun Li

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Investigation of chlorinated phenols sorption mechanisms on different layers of the Danube alluvial sediment

Tamara Apostolović,Jelena Tričković,Marijana Kragulj Isakovski,Branislav Jović,Snežana Maletić,Aleksandra Tubić,Jasmina Agbaba

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Simultaneous removal of Congo red and cadmium(II) from aqueous solutions using graphene oxide–silica composite as a multifunctional adsorbent

Ebrahim Mahmoudi,Sepehr Azizkhani,Abdul Wahab Mohammad,Law Yong Ng,Abdelbaki Benamor,Wei Lun Ang,Muneer Ba-Abbad

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