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Release behavior of copper and zinc from sandy soils
  ZHANG Ming-kui and XIA Yi-ping
  2005,17(4) [Abstract(2596)]  [View PDF]
Pretreatment of apramycin wastewater by catalytic wet air oxidation
  YANG Shao-xia,FENG Yu-jie,WAN Jia-feng,LIN Qing-ying,ZHU Wan-peng and JIANG Zhan-peng
  2005,17(4):523-626 [Abstract(2712)]  [View PDF]
Competitive and cooperative adsorption behaviors of phenol and aniline onto nonpolar macroreticular adsorbents
  ZHANG Wei-ming,CHEN Jin-long,PAN Bing-cai and ZHANG Quan-xing
  2005,17(4):529-534 [Abstract(2001)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of zinc complexation properties of dissolved organic matter from surface waters and wastewater treatment plant effluents
  2005,17(4):535-539 [Abstract(2209)]  [View PDF]
Application of chemometrics methods for the estimation of heavy metals contamination in river sediments
  WANG Ya-wei,YUAN Chun-gang,JIN Xing-long and JIANG Gui-bin
  2005,17(4):540-544 [Abstract(1852)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of azo dyes by genetically engineered azoreductase
  WANG Jing,YAN Bin,ZHOU Ji-ti,BAO Yong-ming,LU Hong and YUAN Xiao-dong
  2005,17(4):545-550 [Abstract(2024)]  [View PDF]
Preliminary studies on nitrous oxide emissions from the ornithogenic soils on Xi-sha atoll, South China Sea
  ZHU Ren-bin,SUN Li-guang,ZHAO San-ping,XIE Zhou-qing,LIU Xiao-dong and YIN Xue-bin
  2005,17(4):551-556 [Abstract(1683)]  [View PDF]
Biological pretreatment of Yellow River water
  XIE Shu-guang,TANG Xiao-yan,WU Wei-zhong,WEN Dong-hui and WANG Zhan-sheng
  2005,17(4):557-561 [Abstract(2218)]  [View PDF]
Preparation and characterization of visible-light-active nitrogen-doped TiO2 photocatalyst
  HUANG Xian-huai,TANG Yu-chao,HU Chun,YU Han-qing and CHEN Chu-sheng
  2005,17(4):562-565 [Abstract(2408)]  [View PDF]
Distribution of cadmium in oilseed rape and Indian mustard grown on cadmium contaminated soil
  WANG Ji-qing and SU De-chun
  2005,17(4):572-575 [Abstract(2051)]  [View PDF]
Catalytic wet air oxidation for the treatment of emulsifying wastewater
  ZHAO Jian-fu,CHEN Ling,LU Yi-cheng and TANG Wen-wei
  2005,17(4):576-579 [Abstract(2177)]  [View PDF]
Phytotoxicity assessment of phenanthrene, pyrene and their mixtures by a soil-based seedling emergence test
  SONG Yu-fang,GONG Ping,ZHOU Qi-xing and SUN Tie-heng
  2005,17(4):580-583 [Abstract(2013)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of catechol from aqueous solution by aminated hypercrosslinked polymers
  SUN Yue,LI Xiao-tao,XU Chao,CHEN Jin-long,LI Ai-min and ZHANG Quan-xing
  2005,17(4):584-588 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF]
Isolation and characterization of heterotrophic nitrifying bacteria in MBR
  LIN Yan,HE Yi-liang,KONG Hai-nan,LIU Bin-bin,LI Yan and INAMON Yuhei
  2005,17(4):589-592 [Abstract(2130)]  [View PDF]
Biodegradation of imazapyr in typical soils in Zhejiang Province, China
  WANG Xue-dong,ZHOU Su-mei,WANG Hui-li and FAN De-fang
  2005,17(4):593-597 [Abstract(1722)]  [View PDF]
Direct photolysis of nitroaromatic compounds in aqueous solutions
  CHEN Bing,YANG Chun and GOH Ngoh Khang
  2005,17(4):598-604 [Abstract(2234)]  [View PDF]
Effects of UV-B radiation on the growth interaction of Ulva pertusa and Alexandrium tamarense
  CAI Heng-jiang,TANG Xue-xi,ZHANG Pei-yu,DONG Dong and QU Liang
  2005,17(4):605-610 [Abstract(1845)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of phosphate-accumulating organisms cultivated under different carbon sources with polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis assay
  YU Shui-li,LIU Ya-nan,JING Guo-lin,ZHAO Bing-jie and GUO Si-yuan
  2005,17(4):611-614 [Abstract(2092)]  [View PDF]
A novel thermal biosensor based on enzyme reaction for pesticides measurement
  ZHENG Yi-hua,HUA Tse-chao and XU Fei
  2005,17(4):615-619 [Abstract(1808)]  [View PDF]
Cooperation between ligninolytic enzymes produced by superior mixed flora
  WANG Hai-lei,LI Zong-yi,GUO Wei-yun,WANG Zhen-yu and PAN Feng
  2005,17(4):620-622 [Abstract(1959)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics of NO reduction with non-thermal plasma
  YU Gang,YU Qi,JIANG Yan-long and ZENG Ke-si
  2005,17(4):627-630 [Abstract(1774)]  [View PDF]
Predicting herbicides concentrations in paddy water and runoff to the river basin
  PARVEEN Sultana,KOHGUCHI Testuyuki,BISWAS Moloy and NAKAGOSHI Nobukazu
  2005,17(4):631-636 [Abstract(2164)]  [View PDF]
Effect of combined pollution by heavy metals on soil enzymatic activities in areas polluted by tailings from Pb-Zn-Ag mine
  CHEN Cheng-li,LIAO Min and HUANG Chang-yong
  2005,17(4):637-640 [Abstract(2236)]  [View PDF]
Influence of new town development on the urban heat island - The case of the Bundang area
  SONG Young-bae
  2005,17(4):641-645 [Abstract(1845)]  [View PDF]
Adsorption of β-naphthalenesulfonic acid/sulfuric acid from their solution by weakly basic resin: equilibrium
  LI Chang-hai and SHI Peng-fei
  2005,17(4):646-649 [Abstract(1837)]  [View PDF]
A field experimental study of lignin sand stabilizing material (LSSM) extracted from spent-liquor of straw pulping paper mills
  WANG Han-jie,LI Jing,LU Xiao-zhen and JIN Yong-can
  2005,17(4):650-654 [Abstract(1936)]  [View PDF]
Re-activation characteristics of preserved aerobic granular sludge
  ZHANG Li-li,ZHANG Bo,HUANG Yu-feng and CAI Wei-min
  2005,17(4):655-658 [Abstract(1846)]  [View PDF]
Degradation of crude oil by indigenous microorganisms supplemented with nutrients
  XIA Wen-xiang,ZHENG Xi-lai,LI Jin-cheng,SONG Zhi-wen,ZHOU Li and SUN Hao-fen
  2005,17(4):659-661 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF]
Integrated numerical model of nitrogen transportation, absorption and transformation by two-dimension in soil-crop system
  WANG Hong-qi,SHU Yan,QI Yong-qiang and ZHANG Jun
  2005,17(4):662-666 [Abstract(1942)]  [View PDF]
Effect of Cd on GSH and GSH-related enzymes of Chlamydomonas sp. ICE-L existing in Antarctic ice
  DING Yu,MIAO Jin-lai,LI Guang-you,WANG Quan-fu,KAN Guang-feng and WANG Guo-dong
  2005,17(4):667-671 [Abstract(2100)]  [View PDF]
Heavy-metal contents in suspended solids of Meiliang Bay, Taihu Lake and its environmental significances
  ZHU Guang-wei,CHI Qiao-qiao,QIN Bo-qiang and WANG Wen-min
  2005,17(4):672-675 [Abstract(1963)]  [View PDF]
Upstream-downstream cooperation approach in Guanting Reservoir watershed
  YANG Zhi-feng and ZHANG Wen-guo
  2005,17(4):676-680 [Abstract(1759)]  [View PDF]
Immobilized reactor for rapid destruction of recalcitrant organics and inorganics in tannery wastewater
  A. Ganesh Kumar,G. Sekaran,S. Swarnalatha and B. Prasad Rao
  2005,17(4):681-685 [Abstract(2011)]  [View PDF]
Simulation of temporal and spatial change of N2O emissions in the Yangtze River Delta
  LIU Jian-dong,ZHOU Xiu-ji,CHEN De-liang,OUYANG Zhi-yun,WANG Xiao-ke and Achberger Christine
  2005,17(4):686-690 [Abstract(1836)]  [View PDF]
Response of CH4 emission of paddy fields to land management practices at a microcosmic cultivation scale in China
  SHAO Jing-an,HUANG Xue-xia,GAO Ming,WEI Chao-fu,XIE De-ti and CAI Zu-cong
  2005,17(4):691-698 [Abstract(1909)]  [View PDF]
HCl emission characteristics and BP neural networks prediction in MSW/coal co-fired fluidized beds
  CHI Yong,WEN Jun-ming,ZHANG Dong-ping,YAN Jian-hua,NI Ming-jiang and CEN Ke-fa
  2005,17(4):699-704 [Abstract(1770)]  [View PDF]

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