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Review article

Temperature dependence of the absolute rate constant for the reaction of ozone with dimethyl sulfide
  WANG Hai-tao,ZHANG Yu-jie and MU Yu-jing
  2007,19(6):641-643 [Abstract(2789)]  [View PDF]
Remove cooking fume using catalytic combustion over Pt/La-Al2O3
  WANG Jian-li,ZHONG Jun-bo,GONG Mao-chu,LIU Zhi-min,ZHAO Ming and CHEN Yao-qiang
  2007,19(6):644-646 [Abstract(2940)]  [View PDF]


Organic matter and concentrated nitrogen removal by shortcut nitrification and denitrification from mature municipal landfill leachate
  ZHANG Shu-jun,PENG Yong-zhen,WANG Shu-ying,ZHENG Shu-wen and GUO Jin
  2007,19(6):647-651 [Abstract(2971)]  [View PDF]
Removal of cadmium using MnO2 loaded D301 resin
  ZHU Zhi-liang,MA Hong-mei,ZHANG Rong-hua,GE Yuan-xin and ZHAO Jian-fu
  2007,19(6):652-656 [Abstract(2873)]  [View PDF]
Distribution patterns of octylphenol and nonylphenol in the aquatic system at Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, a subtropical estuarine wetland in Hong Kong
  LI Xiang-li,LUAN Tian-gang,LIANG Yan,WONG Ming-hung and LAN Chong-yu
  2007,19(6):657-622 [Abstract(2927)]  [View PDF]
Hydrothermal decomposition of pentachlorophenol in subcritical and supercritical water with sodium hydroxide addition
  PRABOWO Benedictus,VERIANSYAH Bambang and KIM Jae-Duck
  2007,19(6):663-666 [Abstract(2998)]  [View PDF]
Production and application of a novel bioflocculant by multiple-microorganism consortia using brewery wastewater as carbon source
  ZHANG Zhi-qiang,LIN Bo,XIA Si-qing,WANG Xue-jiang and YANG A-ming
  2007,19(6):667-673 [Abstract(2694)]  [View PDF]
Statistical optimization of adsorption processes for removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol by activated carbon derived from oil palm empty fruit bunches
  Md. Zahangir ALAM,Suleyman A. MUYIBI and Juria TORAMAE
  2007,19(6):674-677 [Abstract(2864)]  [View PDF]
Reaction mode between Si and Fe and evaluation of optimal species in poly-silicic-ferric coagulant
  FU Ying,YU Shui-li,YU Yan-zhen,QIU Li-ping and HUI Ban
  2007,19(6):678-688 [Abstract(2677)]  [View PDF]
Vertical and temporal distribution of nitrogen and phosphorus and relationship with their influencing factors in aquatic-terrestrial ecotone: a case study in Taihu Lake, China
  YANG Hong-jun,SHEN Zhe-min,ZHU Song-he and WANG Wen-hua
  2007,19(6):689-695 [Abstract(2675)]  [View PDF]
Experimental investigation of the e ect of flow turbulence and sediment transport patterns on the adsorption of cadmium ions onto sediment particles
  HUANG Sui-liang,NG Chiu-on and GUO Qi-zhong
  2007,19(6):696-703 [Abstract(2714)]  [View PDF]


Effects of seed aerosols on the growth of secondary organic aerosols from the photooxidation of toluene
  HAO Li-qing,WANG Zhen-ya,HUANG Ming-qiang,FANG Li and ZHANG Wei-jun
  2007,19(6):704-708 [Abstract(3020)]  [View PDF]
Impacts of converting from leaded to unleaded gasoline on ambient lead concentrations in Jakarta metropolitan area
  Akira KONDO,Esrom HAMONANGAN,Satoshi SODA,Akikazu KAGA,Yoshio INOUE,Masaharu EGUCHI and Yuta YASAKA
  2007,19(6):709-713 [Abstract(2814)]  [View PDF]


Arsenic uptake and transport of Pteris vittata L. as influenced by phosphate and inorganic arsenic species under sand culture
  HUANG Ze-chun,AN Zhi-zhuang,CHEN Tong-bin,LEI Mei,XIAO Xi-yuan and LIAO Xiao-yong
  2007,19(6):714-718 [Abstract(2742)]  [View PDF]
Single and joint stress of acetochlor and Pb on three agricultural crops in northeast China
  CHAO Lei,ZHOU Qi-xing,CHEN Su,CUI Shuang and WANG Mei-e
  2007,19(6):719-724 [Abstract(2863)]  [View PDF]
E ects of arsenic on seed germination and physiological activities of wheat seedlings
  LI Chun-xi,FENG Shu-li,SHAO Yun,JIANG Li-na,LU Xu-yang and HOU Xiao-li
  2007,19(6):725-732 [Abstract(2835)]  [View PDF]


Heavy metal exposure reduces hatching success of Acartia pacifica resting eggs in the sediment
  JIANG Xiao-dong,WANG Gui-zhong,LI Shao-jing and HE Jian-feng
  2007,19(6):733-737 [Abstract(2518)]  [View PDF]


Monitoring bioaccumulation and toxic e ects of hexachlorobenzene using the polyurethane foam unit method in the microbial communities of the Fuhe River,Wuhan
  LIU Ting,CHEN Zhu-lei,SHEN Yun-fen,GAN Lu,CAO Li and LV Zi-zhong
  2007,19(6):738-744 [Abstract(2900)]  [View PDF]


Non-UV based germicidal activity of metal-doped TiO2 coating on solid surfaces
  LIU Li-fen,John Barford,YEUNG King Lun and SI Grace
  2007,19(6):745-750 [Abstract(2441)]  [View PDF]


Determination of alcohol compounds using corona discharge ion mobility spectrometry
  HAN Hai-yan,HUANG Guo-dong,JIN Shun-ping,ZHENG Pei-chao,XU Guo-hua,LI Jian-quan,WANG Hong-mei and CHU Yan-nan
  2007,19(6):751-755 [Abstract(2843)]  [View PDF]


Effects of inorganic chlorine source on dioxin formation using fly ash from a fluidized bed incinerator
  LU Sheng-yong,YAN Jian-hua,LI Xiao-dong,Ni Ming-jiang,CEN Ke-fa and DAI Hui-fen
  2007,19(6):756-761 [Abstract(2819)]  [View PDF]
Laboratory-scale study of the suppression of PCDD/F emission during coal and MSW co-incineration
  LU Sheng-yong,YAN Jian-hua,LI Xiao-dong,NI Ming-jiang and CEN Ke-fa
  2007,19(6):762-767 [Abstract(2710)]  [View PDF]

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