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Highlights and new Editorial Advisory Board members of the Journal of Environmental Sciences
  Qingcai Feng,Suqin Liu,Zhengang Mao,Jian Xu,Zixuan Wang,X. Chris Le
  Published September 1, 2016 (6 pages)
  2016,28(9):1-6 [Abstract(1757)]  [View PDF 882.17 K (1036)]

Regular articles

A novel bioremediation strategy for petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants using salt tolerant Corynebacterium variabile HRJ4 and biochar
  Hairong Zhang,Jingchun Tang,Lin Wang,Juncheng Liu,Ranjit Gajanan Gurav,Kejing Sun
  Published September 1, 2016 (7 pages)
  2016,28(9):7-13 [Abstract(1266)]  [View PDF 1.33 M (1779)]
Synthesis of TiO2 visible light catalysts with controllable crystalline phase and morphology from Ti-bearing electric arc furnace molten slag
  Yang Li,Lulu Liu,Min Guo,Mei Zhang
  Published September 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(9):14-22 [Abstract(990)]  [View PDF 1.91 M (1270)]
An advanced anaerobic biofilter with effluent recirculation for phenol removal and methane production in treatment of coal gasification wastewater
  Yajie Li,Salma Tabassum,Zhenjia Zhang
  Published September 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(9):23-33 [Abstract(1041)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (936)]
Simultaneous photoinduced generation of Fe and H2O2 in rivers: An indicator for photo-Fenton reaction
  Khan M.G. Mostofa,Hiroshi Sakugawa
  Published September 1, 2016 (5 pages)
  2016,28(9):34-38 [Abstract(1358)]  [View PDF 707.54 K (908)]
Multiple transformation pathways of p-arsanilic acid to inorganic arsenic species in water during UV disinfection
  Suqi Li,Jing Xu,Wei Chen,Yingtan Yu,Zizheng Liu,Jinjun Li,Feng Wu
  Published September 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(9):39-48 [Abstract(1237)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (957)]
Genotoxicity of ferric oxide nanoparticles in Raphanus sativus: Deciphering the role of signaling factors, oxidative stress and cell death
  Quaiser Saquib,Mohammad Faisal,Abdulrahman A. Alatar,Abdulaziz A. Al-Khedhairy,Mukhtar Ahmed,Sabiha M. Ansari,Hend A. Alwathnani,Mohammad K. Okla,Sourabh Dwivedi,Javed Musarrat,Shelly Praveen,Shams T. Khan,Rizwan Wahab,Maqsood A. Siddiqui,Javed Ahmad
  Published September 1, 2016 (14 pages)
  2016,28(9):49-62 [Abstract(1051)]  [View PDF 7.90 M (774)]
Photodegradation of Orange II using waste paper sludge-derived heterogeneous catalyst in the presence of oxalate under ultraviolet light emitting diode irradiation
  Guoqiang Zhou,Jinyi GuoGuowang Zhou,Xiankai WanHuixiang Shi
  Published September 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(9):63-70 [Abstract(856)]  [View PDF 1.63 M (1091)]
A preliminary analysis of the surface chemistry of atmospheric aerosol particles in a typical urban area of Beijing
  Zhengzheng Zhang,Hong Li,Hongyan Liu,Runxiang Ni,Jinjuan Li,Liqun Deng,Defeng Lu,Xueli Cheng,Pengli Duan,Wenjun Li
  Published September 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(9):71-81 [Abstract(1007)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (996)]
The effects of temperature and resource availability on denitrification and relative N2O production in boreal lake sediments
  Maria Myrstener,Anders JonssonAnn-Kristin Bergström
  Published September 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(9):82-90 [Abstract(1127)]  [View PDF 932.74 K (979)]
Ca and OH release of ceramsites containing anorthite and gehlenite prepared from waste lime mud
  Juan Qin,Chuanmeng Yang,Chong Cui,Jiantao Huang,Ahmad Hussain,Hailong Ma
  Published September 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(9):91-99 [Abstract(1028)]  [View PDF 1.34 M (995)]
Regeneration of commercial selective catalyst reduction catalysts deactivated by Pb and other inorganic elements
  Yanke Yu,Jinxiu Wang,Jinsheng Chen,Xinjiang He,Yujing Wang,Kai Song,Zongli Xie
  Published September 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(9):100-108 [Abstract(875)]  [View PDF 1.86 M (1680)]
Combined effects of elevated temperature and CO2 concentration on Cd and Zn accumulation dynamics in Triticum aestivum L.
  Xiaoheng Wang,Yu Li,Hong Lu,Shigong Wang
  Published September 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(9):109-119 [Abstract(1225)]  [View PDF 739.34 K (1088)]
Efficient removal of naphthalene-2-ol from aqueous solutions by solvent extraction
  Jingjing Shao,Yan Cheng,Chunping Yang,Guangming Zeng,Wencan Liu,Panpan Jiao,Huijun He
  Published September 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(9):120-129 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF 826.80 K (1253)]
Effect of nitrogen/phosphorus concentration on algal organic matter generation of the diatom Nitzschia palea: Total indicators and spectroscopic characterization
  Linlin Han,Bingbing Xu,Fei Qi,Zhonglin Chen
  Published September 1, 2016 (13 pages)
  2016,28(9):130-142 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF 968.16 K (1131)]
Removal of 2-ClBP from soil–water system using activated carbon supported nanoscale zerovalent iron
  Wei Zhang,Tian YuXiaolin Han,Weichi Ying
  Published September 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(9):143-152 [Abstract(1168)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (900)]
Effects of ZnO nanoparticles on perfluorooctane sulfonate induced thyroid-disrupting on zebrafish larvae
  Jia Du,Shutao Wang,Hong You,Zhongqiang Liu
  Published September 1, 2016 (12 pages)
  2016,28(9):153-164 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF 1.66 M (1101)]
Arsenic redox transformation by Pseudomonas sp. HN-2 isolated from arsenic-contaminated soil in Hunan, China
  Zhennan Zhang,Naiyi Yin,Xiaolin CaiZhenzhou Wang,Yanshan Cui
  Published September 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(9):165-173 [Abstract(1400)]  [View PDF 1.75 M (1175)]
Improving biodegradation potential of domestic wastewater by manipulating the size distribution of organic matter
  Xiang Liu,Qiuwen Chen,Liang Zhu
  Published September 1, 2016 (9 pages)
  2016,28(9):174-182 [Abstract(1025)]  [View PDF 2.61 M (1108)]
Determining the influence of the physicochemical parameters of urban soils on As availability using chemometric methods: A preliminary study
  Christophe Waterlot,Aurélie PelfrêneFrancis Douay
  Published September 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(9):183-192 [Abstract(1128)]  [View PDF 1011.91 K (904)]
Monitoring atmospheric nitrous oxide background concentrations at Zhongshan Station, east Antarctica
  Wenjuan Ye,Lingen Bian,Can Wang,Renbin Zhu,Xiangdong Zheng,Minghu Ding
  Published September 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(9):193-200 [Abstract(1079)]  [View PDF 1.74 M (938)]
Human bronchial epithelial cell injuries induced by fine particulate matter from sandstorm and non-sandstorm periods: Association with particle constituents
  Bin Wang,Ning Li,Furong Deng,Nicholas Buglak,George Park,Shu Su,Aiguo Ren,Guofeng Shen,Shu Tao,Xinbiao Guo
  Published September 1, 2016 (10 pages)
  2016,28(9):201-210 [Abstract(1652)]  [View PDF 684.47 K (971)]
Spatial and temporal distribution of cyanobacteria in Batticaloa Lagoon
  Jalaldeen Mohamed Harris,Periyathamby Vinobaba,Ranil Kavindra Asela Kularatne,Champika Ellawala Kankanamge
  Published September 1, 2016 (8 pages)
  2016,28(9):211-218 [Abstract(1066)]  [View PDF 1.26 M (1168)]
Characterization of particulate products for aging of ethylbenzene secondary organic aerosol in the presence of ammonium sulfate seed aerosol
  Mingqiang Huang,Jiahui Zhang,Shunyou Cai,Yingmin Liao,Weixiong Zhao,Changjin Hu,Xuejun Gu,Li Fang,Weijun Zhang
  Published September 1, 2016 (11 pages)
  2016,28(9):219-229 [Abstract(1156)]  [View PDF 2.01 M (1459)]

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