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A comparison of chemical MSW compositional data between China and Denmark
  Na Yang,Anders Damgaard,Charlotte Scheutz,Li-Ming Shao,Pin-Jing He
  2018,30(12):1-10 [Abstract(571)]  [View PDF 561.17 K (491)]
Determination of the effective density and fractal dimension of PM emissions from an aircraft auxiliary power unit
  Emamode A. Ubogu, James Cronly, Bhupendra Khandelwal and Swapneel Roy
  2018,30(12):11-18 [Abstract(465)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (498)]
Wastewater degradation by iron/copper nanoparticles and the microorganism growth rate
  Tareq W.M. Amen,Osama Eljamal,Ahmed M.E. Khalil,Nobuhiro Matsunaga
  2018,30(12):19-31 [Abstract(523)]  [View PDF 9.41 M (427)]
Seasonal variation and chemical composition of particulate matter: A study by XPS, ICP-AES and sequential microanalysis using Raman with SEM/EDS
  Lucy T. González,Francisco E. Longoria-Rodríguez,Margarita Sánchez-Domínguez,Cesar Leyva-Porras,Karim Acuña-Askar,Boris I. Kharissov,Alejandro Arizpe-Zapata,Juan M. Alfaro-Barbosa
  2018,30(12):32-49 [Abstract(520)]  [View PDF 13.07 M (430)]
Assessment of column aerosol optical properties using ground-based sun-photometer at urban Harbin, Northeast China
  Qixiang Chen,Yuan Yuan,Xing Huang,Zhihong He,Heping Tan
  2018,30(12):50-57 [Abstract(513)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (433)]
Catalytic decomposition performance for O3 and NO2 in humid indoor air on a MnOx/Al2O3 catalyst modified by a cost-effective chemical grafting method
  Longwen Chen,Michel Ondarts,Jonathan Outin,Yves Gonthier,Evelyne Gonze
  2018,30(12):58-70 [Abstract(507)]  [View PDF 1.56 M (537)]
Characterization and source analysis of indoor/outdoor culturable airborne bacteria in a municipal wastewater treatment plant
  Guangsu Xu, Yunping Han, Lin Li and Junxin Liu
  2018,30(12):71-78 [Abstract(590)]  [View PDF 5.26 M (431)]
Variations in concentrations and bioavailability of heavy metals in rivers caused by water conservancy projects: Insights from water regulation of the Xiaolangdi Reservoir in the Yellow River
  Jianwei Dong,Xinghui Xia,Zhining Zhang,Zixuan Liu,Xiaotian Zhang,Husheng Li
  2018,30(12):79-87 [Abstract(626)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (400)]
Uranium speciation in coal bottom ash investigated via X-ray absorption fine structure and X-ray photoelectron spectra
  Yinglong Sun, Menxin Wu, Lirong Zheng, Bangda Wang and Yi Wang
  2018,30(12):88-94 [Abstract(445)]  [View PDF 997.29 K (485)]
Aluminum formate (AF): Synthesis, characterization and application in dye wastewater treatment
  Moxi Xue,Baoyu Gao,Ruihua Li,Jianzhang Sun
  2018,30(12):95-106 [Abstract(540)]  [View PDF 6.46 M (507)]
Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of lindane using metal–semiconductor Zn@ZnO and ZnO/Ag nanostructures
  Hyeon Jin Jung,Ravindranadh Koutavarapu,Seulki Lee,Ju Hyun Kim,Hyun Chul Choi,Myong Yong Choi
  2018,30(12):107-115 [Abstract(558)]  [View PDF 3.91 M (494)]
Fluorescence regional integration and differential fluorescence spectroscopy for analysis of structural characteristics and proton binding properties of fulvic acid sub-fractions
  Fanhao Song, Fengchang Wu, Weiying Feng, Zhi Tang, John P. Giesy, Fei Guo, Di Shi, Xiaofei Liu, Ning Qin, Baoshan Xing and Yingchen Bai
  2018,30(12):116-125 [Abstract(538)]  [View PDF 1.97 M (453)]
Effects of surfactants on the combined toxicity of TiO2 nanoparticles and cadmium to Escherichia coli
  Mei Li,Jianchuan Pei,Xiaomeng Tang,Xiaoli Guo
  2018,30(12):126-133 [Abstract(1208)]  [View PDF 699.38 K (439)]
The fate of prazosin and levonorgestrel after electrochemical degradation process: Monitoring by-products using LC-TOF/MS
  Fouad FadhilAl-Qaim, Zainab Haider Mussa, Ali Yuzir, Jalifah Latip and Mohamed Rozali Othman
  2018,30(12):134-146 [Abstract(525)]  [View PDF 3.64 M (430)]
Magnetic micro-particle conditioning–pressurized vertical electro-osmotic dewatering (MPEOD) of activated sludge: Role and behavior of moisture and organics
  Xinxin Guo,Xu Qian,Yili Wang,Huaili Zheng
  2018,30(12):147-158 [Abstract(904)]  [View PDF 4.51 M (475)]
Natural continuous influent nitrifier immigration effects on nitrification and the microbial community of activated sludge systems
  Lifang Yu, Ren Li, Robert Delatolla, Ru Zhang, Xiuling Yang and Dangcong Peng
  2018,30(12):159-167 [Abstract(577)]  [View PDF 2.92 M (498)]

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