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Effect of bioflocculants on the coagulation activity of alum for removal of trihalomethane precursors from low turbid water
  Tanwi Priya,Abhrajyoti Tarafdar,Bramha Gupta,Brijesh Kumar Mishra
  2018,30(8):1-10 [Abstract(752)]  [View PDF 2.84 M (587)]
Impacts of Fe2 + on 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) biosynthesis of Rhodobacter sphaeroides in wastewater treatment by regulating nif gene expression
  Shuli Liu,Zhihong Zheng,Jingxi Tie,Jia Kang,Guangming Zhang,Jie Zhang
  2018,30(8):11-19 [Abstract(535)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (490)]
Effects of Na+ on Cu/SAPO-34 for ammonia selective catalytic reduction
  Can Wang,Chen Wang,Jun Wang,Jianqiang Wang,Meiqing Shen,Wei Li
  2018,30(8):20-28 [Abstract(527)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (525)]
Inhibitive effects of chlortetracycline on performance of the nitritation-anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) process and strategies for recovery
  Hong Yao,Huayu Li,Jing Xu,Lushen Zuo
  2018,30(8):29-36 [Abstract(578)]  [View PDF 1.49 M (468)]
Thermal internal boundary layer and its effects on air pollutants during summer in a coastal city in North China
  Jie Wei,Guiqian Tang,Xiaowan Zhu,Lili Wang,Zirui Liu,Mengtian Cheng,Christoph Münkel,Xin Li,Yuesi Wang
  2018,30(8):37-44 [Abstract(547)]  [View PDF 826.69 K (486)]
The effect of low-molecular-weight organic-acids (LMWOAs) on treatment of chromium-contaminated soils by compost-phytoremediation: Kinetics of the chromium release and fractionation
  Huixia Chen,Junfeng Dou,Hongbin Xu
  2018,30(8):45-53 [Abstract(638)]  [View PDF 601.60 K (559)]
Relationship between electrogenic performance and physiological change of four wetland plants in constructed wetland-microbial fuel cells during non-growing seasons
  Yin Zhou,Dong Xu,Enrong Xiao,Dan Xu,Peng Xu,Xia Zhang,Qiaohong Zhou,Feng He,Zhenbin Wu
  2018,30(8):54-62 [Abstract(545)]  [View PDF 2.37 M (604)]
Exfoliated Mg–Al–Fe layered double hydroxides/polyether sulfone mixed matrix membranes for adsorption of phosphate and fluoride from aqueous solutions
  Zhiqian Jia,Shuang Hao,Xiaoyu Lu
  2018,30(8):63-73 [Abstract(669)]  [View PDF 4.24 M (621)]
Au − Pd/mesoporous Fe2O3: Highly active photocatalysts for the visible-light-driven degradation of acetone
  Hongxia Lin,Yuxi Liu,Jiguang Deng,Kunfeng Zhang,Xing Zhang,Shaohua Xie,Xingtian Zhao,Jun Yang,Zhuo Han,Hongxing Dai
  2018,30(8):74-86 [Abstract(490)]  [View PDF 7.66 M (342)]
Influence of biomass density and food to microorganisms ratio on the mixed culture type I methanotrophs enriched from activated sludge
  Ahmed AlSayed,Ahmed Fergala,Ahmed Eldyasti
  2018,30(8):87-96 [Abstract(554)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (476)]
Investigating the bacterial community and amoebae population in rural domestic wastewater reclamation for irrigation
  Bingjian Cui,Jinxue Luo,Decai Jin,Bo Jin,Xuliang Zhuang,Zhihui Bai
  2018,30(8):97-105 [Abstract(405)]  [View PDF 973.31 K (620)]
Wet and dry deposition fluxes of heavy metals in Pearl River Delta Region (China): Characteristics, ecological risk assessment, and source apportionment
  Lyumeng Ye,Minjuan Huang,Buqing Zhong,Xuemei Wang,Qiulan Tu,Haoran Sun,Chao Wang,Luolin Wu,Ming Chang
  2018,30(8):106-123 [Abstract(470)]  [View PDF 9.25 M (415)]
Seasonal variations of polybrominated flame retardants bound to car dust under Mediterranean climate
  Yael Dubowski,Maisa Inibtawi,David M. Broday
  2018,30(8):124-132 [Abstract(405)]  [View PDF 968.29 K (453)]
Assessment of the cytotoxic and mutagenic potential of the Jialu River and adjacent groundwater using human-hamster hybrid cells
  Xiaofei Wang,Guoping Zhao,Hongqiang Wang,Junting Liang,Shengmin Xu,Shaopeng Chen,An Xu,Lijun Wu
  2018,30(8):133-143 [Abstract(447)]  [View PDF 6.20 M (397)]
Selection of cost-effective magnesium sources for fluidized struvite crystallization
  Jinsong Wang,Xin Ye,Zhaoji Zhang,Zhi-Long Ye,Shaohua Chen
  2018,30(8):144-153 [Abstract(444)]  [View PDF 1.67 M (557)]
Relating Cd2 + binding by humic acids to molecular weight: A modeling and spectroscopic study
  Hongcheng Bai,Zhenmao Jiang,Minjin He,Biying Ye,Shiqiang Wei
  2018,30(8):154-165 [Abstract(483)]  [View PDF 3.70 M (475)]
Influence of sodium dodecyl sulfate coating on adsorption of methylene blue by biochar from aqueous solution
  Wei Que,Luhua Jiang,Chen Wang,Yunguo Liu,Zhiwei Zeng,Xiaohua Wang,Qimeng Ning,Shaoheng Liu,Peng Zhang,Shaobo Liu
  2018,30(8):166-174 [Abstract(814)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (543)]
Impact of crystalline and amorphous iron- and aluminum hydroxides on mechanisms of phosphate adsorption and desorption
  Stella Gypser,Florian Hirsch,Anja M. Schleicher,Dirk Freese
  2018,30(8):175-189 [Abstract(748)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (562)]
Dynamics of major air pollutants from crop residue burning in mainland China, 2000–2014
  Quanfeng Jin,Xiangqing Ma,Guangyu Wang,Xiajie Yang,Futao Guo
  2018,30(8):190-205 [Abstract(498)]  [View PDF 17.57 M (301)]
Spectroscopic study on transformations of dissolved organic matter in coal-to-liquids wastewater under integrated chemical oxidation and biological treatment process
  Siwei Peng,Xuwen He,Hongwei Pan
  2018,30(8):206-216 [Abstract(729)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (1812)]
Mechanistic insights into sequestration of U(VI) toward magnetic biochar: Batch, XPS and EXAFS techniques
  Qingyuan Hu,Yuling Zhu,Baowei Hu,Songhua Lu,Guodong Sheng
  2018,30(8):217-225 [Abstract(517)]  [View PDF 2.44 M (618)]

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