An estimate of the conversion rates of SO2 to SO2-4 and NO2 to HNO3+ NO3- for the evaluation air pollution in Beijing

Chen Zongliang , Zhang Yang , Wang Yubao , Zhuang Yahui , KazuhikoSakamoto , Katsunori Kimijima , Tadao Suzuki , Masahiro Uchiyama , Yoshikazu Hashimoto , Hisao ohta , Yasuaki maeda , NobutoshiHoriuchi , Shin Suzuki


Received January 28, 1989,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 2,1990,Pages 41-48

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The conversion rates of SO2 to SO2-4 and NO2 to HNO3+NO3- are estimated from the field-data obtained in Beijing in summer, 1988. The results show that the conversion rate of NO2 is about four times as much as that of SO2; The conversion rates have a diurnal variation in a day. On the average, the rate of SO2 is estimated to be 4.7% h-1 during the daytime and 3.4% h-1 during the nighttime. Similarly, the rate of NO2 is estimated to be 17.2% h-1 and 12% h-1 respectively.

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