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Received February 08, 1990,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 3,1991,Pages 41-58

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The concentrations of gas phase SO2, O3 and chemical composition of sequential rainwater samples were measured on 6/11/88 to 6/28/88 at some sites of Guiyang area. S (IV) was present in great excess of H2O2 in rainwater samples collected at residential sites of the city corresponding to high level of gas phase SO2. Considerable H2O2 in rainwater samples was observed in background air at suburbs. The evidence that clean rainwater samples were collected at 20km away from the city in 6/18/88 precipitation event revealed that the major process of acidification of the rain in the high polluted areas was below-cloud scavenging of trace gases. From a simulation calculation it was found that the rate of oxidation of S(IV) by O3 and by Mn2+, Fe3+ catalytic in high pH rainwater is significant, but for low pH the major SO42- is produced by the reaction of S (IV) with H2O2.

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