Received September 26, 1990,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 3,1991,Pages 1-10

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The late start of environmental protection in Hong Kong was discussed in the light of problems encountered during the development of environmental protection legislation in Hong Kong for the past 20 years. The collaboration in monitoring and assessment of environmental pollutants between the University of Hong Kong and various governments were descrbed in parallel with the progress in environmental protection in Hong Kong. The developments of new analytical techniques for environmental monitoring and analysis is given and their application in environmental control described. The joint projects in assessment and control of environmental pollutants carried out in collaboration with local industries and other organizations within and without the university are given and discussed. The problems and possible solution facing Hong Kong in development control equipment for small scale industries are discussed and areas of development identified. The development and experience in the monitoring assessment and control of environmental pollutants in Hong Kong are summarized and areas of difficulties are illustrated.

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