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Received May 11, 1990,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 3,1991,Pages 113-119

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Bio-availability of different forms of selenium and its rate of volatilization from soils in Chinese low-selenium belt were examined. Adding directly solutions of either inorganic or organic selenium compounds to soil could only slightly increase the rate of selenium volatilization from soil. Volatilization of selenium from soil was largely enhanced when certain nutritional solutions along with selenium compounds were added. Garlic water extract and seleno-amino acids, i.e., seleno-methionine and seleno-cysteine, were found more effective for their bio-availability to the volatilization process. Under laboratory simulating conditions, the volatilization rate of selenium from different types of soils in Chinese low-selenium belt was found in the range of 0.10-0.27 ng.kg-1 soil.day-1 over a 17 days period, generally followed by a decline with time of incubation.

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