Received July 14, 1992,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 5,1993,Pages 416-426

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Results of numerical simulation of UV—radiation and UVB—radiation incident at the ground for different seasons and geographical regions in China are presented.The change of UVB incident at sea level due to ozone content depletion of 5%are evaluated too.All these computat ions are carried out after taking into accounts of Rayleigh scattering,aerosol scattering and absorption,ozone absorption and SO on.The monthly mean daily sums of ultraviolet radiation in UVB(285—325 nm)and UV(285—400 nm)in different sea—level elevation by integrating with zenith angle and wavelength It is estimated that in summer,the monthly mean daily SUlnS of UV have little change with the latitude increase,while UVB decreases significantly;in winter,the monthly mcan daily sums of both UV and UVB decrease obviously with the increase of latitude.Supposing the ozone amount depletion of 5%.the increase ratio of UVB radiation is greater in high latitude than that in low—mid latitude,and lower in summer than that in winter So the influence of ozone depletion to biosphere may be greater in the north of China than that in south.

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