Received May 28, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 5,1993,Pages 452-463

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The photochemical reaction of14CS 2 with OH has been studied.The results indicated that the main products of the reaction were14COS and 14CO with a small amount of 14CO2 in the reaction system(14CS2-H2O2-C3H8-N2-O2>).The reaction was promoted by oxygen.14COS and 14CO had the similar kinetic curves while 14CO2 got a different kind of Curve.The overall rate constant increased with the increasing of oxygen partial pressure.The rate constant for the removal of 14CS2 was K=3.4×10-12cm3/(mO1.s) at 33330 Pa 02.The conversion of 14CS2 to 14CO2 at room temperature was observed and the possible mechanism of the photochemical reaction was disscussed.

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