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Received August 04, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 8,1996,Pages 1-14

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The focus of this study was to investigate the macroinvertebrate community in surface mine wetlands. Nine wetlands were sampled for macroinvertebrates from July 1993 through May 1994.These sites represented a range of physical,chemical, and biological parameters. Macroinvertebrates were found in all sites;a total of 14 orders, 40 families,and 70 genera were identified in the samples. Insects were the most common invertebrates,and most functional feeding groups were represented. Predators dominated with 63% of the taxa, followed by the collector/gathers with 20%,shredders 14%, and scrapers 3%. Sites differed in the number of taxa inhabiting them.Richness ranged from 10 genera to 52.The lowest richness was found in two seasonal wetlands that were dry for the majority of the year. A permanently flooded site with no water quality problems and a dense growth of aquatic plants had the highest richness.

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