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Received June 27, 1994,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 8,1996,Pages 48-56

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The current situation of biotic communities in Meizhou Bay is presented in this paper.The species composition,seasonal variation,and distribution of phytoplankton,zooplankton, red tide organisms,fishes,and benthos in Meizhou Bay were investigated,and the content of chlorophyll a and primary production and their seasonal variation were also determined.The water quality of Meizhou Bay was monitored by measuring the density of Escherichia coli. Results reveal that there is a great variety of species in Meizhou Bay and the water in Meizhou Bay is oligotrophic.But the individual numbers of various organisms are very low, especially those of algae.Moreover,there are more than 40 species of red tide organisms and there exist opportunities of red tides between May and November.All these demand cautious be taken in the future development of this area although it has great environment capacity.

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