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Received September 05, 1994,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 8,1996,Pages 86-93

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When radionuclides migrate in porous media with water serving as carrier, the mechanism of sorption and desorption is not negligible. nonequilibrium conditions exist in sorption and desorption. In this paper,a numerical model of radionuclide migration with nonequilibrium sorption was developed.The algorithm of numerical descretizing and direct substituting was adopted in coupling of the convective-dispersive equation and the nonequilibrium sorption isotherm in this model ,and this makes it easier to solve the model numerically.A quantitative analysis is made for the first time that the influence of nonequilibrium sorption, represented by the rate coefficient which shows how quickly the nonequilibrium condition in sorption and desorption reaches equilibrium on the migration of radionuclide,and results show that it affects the migration perceptibly. Finally the model was verified by using the observed data of radionuclide migration test conducted in the field, and which clarified its availability.

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