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Received September 14, 1994,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 8,1996,Pages 120-126

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Both vertical and horizontal profiles of total dissolved selenium,dissolved organic and inorganic selenium,including Se(IV)and Se(VI),as well as particulate selenium in seawater were obtained on a basis of newly developed separation technique form Antarctic Ocean,where the prodiction of deep waters occurs.The results exhibited that the concentrations of Se(IV) and Se(VI) were elevated and the total concentration in the surface of the high latitude waters (1. 31 nmol/L) was above those at lower latitudes (1.09 nmol/L) and also that previously reported from the Southern Ocean(1.18 nmol/L,Suzuki,1987).Preliminary investigation using specifically designed microlayer-sampler,that was first employed to identify the main biogeochemical proeesses,revealed Antarctic Ocean being functioning as a potential source as selenium in sea-air exchange. The mean life time of the selenium,detected as Se(IV) in deep water, was also estimated rather shorter than the residence time of the water mass, based on the samples collected from the cruise of China's Sixth Scientific Expedition.

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