Received January 23, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 8,1996,Pages 257-268

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In the suspended sludge system, when pH and temperature were suitable and carbon source was not limited, the denitrification and C-uptake rate followed a zero-order reaction. Mixed VFA C-source had higher denitrification rate than single VFA C-source consisting of them. When VFA were used as carbon source, consumed carbon quantity for denitrification was closed to 1. 07 mg VFA-C/mg NO3-N. About 20% of the applied C/N was used for assimilative purposes. As rising up influent C/N by increasing the C load ,the sludge yield YN increased. The part of carbon consumption increased and the effluent oxidized nitrogen decreased. At pH 7. 5, 25℃ and sludge yield 0.72 mg VSS/mg NO3-N, the calculated influent VFA-C /NO3- critical value was 1. 43 for complete denitrification.

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