Received July 10, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 8,1996,Pages 298-307

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Traditional tourism is a source of not only income and recreation but also environmental pollution and landscape resource destruction. How to leave the same or even better landscape resources to future generations is the key to sustainable development of tourism industry. Ecotourism industry could be an approach to sustainable use of landscape resources.The connotation of eco-tourism industry and its differences from the traditional tourism in resource use were given in this paper. The ecological planning for Kangyuan recreation area is taken as an example to demonstrate how to make an eco-tourism industry development plan from a system’s point of view.In terms of the characteristics of the landscape resources, advantageous geographic location and principles for eco-tourism industry development,a suitable structure of the eco-tourism industry was presented. Based on ecological suitability analysis of the landscape resource use-analysis of capacity and constraint of landscape resources, spatial distribution of the industry sectors was given.In the development process, both opportunities and risks exist, cost-benefit analysis is thus made, and cost-effective strategies and policies are provided for the eco-tourism industry development.

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