Received October 24, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 8,1996,Pages 367-377

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The water chemistry of Bhimtal Lake revealed the dominance of Ca2+ and HCO3- ions.The lake water chemistry is controlled by the dominance of Ca-Mg silicate weathering(mainly pumpellyite and epidote-bearing rocks) supported by anthropogenic activity involving extensive road cutting and house holding activities, increased industrialization in the catchment area of the lake. On the basis of phosphate values. a transitional mesotrophic-eutrophic conditions exist in this lake.The observed chemical data of the Bhimtal Lake was used to predict the mineral assemblages in the carbonate and alumino-silicate system. It demonstrates that the calcite and dolomite are the possible minerals which are in equilibrium with the lake water system and that the lake water is in the range of stability of kaolinite.

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