Received November 29, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 9,1997,Pages 49-58

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The surface exchange of NH3 and HNO3 gases over heathland was measured with the aerodynamic gradient method in Leende,the Netherlands during April 25 and May 9,1991.Due to reactions in the system NH3,HNO3 and NH4NO3,the NH3 deposition flux is overestimated,while HNO3 shows apparent emission fluxes mostly during the field experiment.Results reveal that NH3 gradients are influenced slightly by HNO3 and the HNO3 gradients are strongly controlled by the NH3.A clear relationship between NH3 and HNO3 gradient is suggested by the Leende experiment. Before the late afternoon,NH3 deposition gradients will cause HNO3 upward gradients,meanwhile the NH3 gradients themselves will become smaller.After the HNO3 upward gradient reaches maximum,the NH3 deposition gradients will be enlarged or the emission gradients depressed,while the HNO3 upward gradients become smaller.

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