Received November 26, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 9,1997,Pages 71-79

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Taking streaming current(SC)as the electrokinetic parameter,this paper demonstrated the electrokinetic chemical characteristics of humic and dannic acids(HA and DA)in suspensions including turbid water,coagulated water and HA or DA contained water.Accordingly, the studies were carried out for determining the relationship between streaming current and zeta potential ζ(expressed by eleetrophoretie mobility EM)in above water conditions.In addition,the mechanisms of HA effecting on streaming current within or after coagulant addition and the electrokinetic detection principles for HA or DA were also investigated on experiments and theoretical analysis.The results indicated that the change of SC like ζ presented meaningful information concerning the degree for destabilization of a particulate suspension,and HA or DA in water could remarkably decrease the effect of inorganic coagulant upon streaming current,which is in accordance with their influence on coagulation.

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