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Received August 05, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 9,1997,Pages 108-112

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Allelochemicals from fungi and bacteria in wheat rhizosphere,as well as their allelopathic effects on wheat and maize have been conducted.Fungi and bacteria were incubated at temperature 28-30℃.The extracts were tested for bioassay.Some samples identified to be responsible for allelopathy have been determined by GC-MS.Some chemicals identified were selected to test again their bioactivity.The results showed that acidic extracts were more toxic to germination of wheat and maize seeds(statistic significant difference P<0.01 or P<0.05)and basic extracts were less toxic and stimulated effects on germination in some cases.A good relationship has been observed between the data of chemical analysis and bioassay. A wide variety of chemicals such as phenolic acids,organic acids,aldehydes,alcohol,ketones,nitrogen-containing chemicals,were identified by GC-MS.Some phenols and organic acids were identified to be inhibit and nitrogens-containing compounds were to be stimulate to germination of seeds and extension of root and shoot of wheat and maize.

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