Received May 08, 1997,Revised June 03, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 159-168

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A solvent extraction procedure for the quantitative extraction of trace levels of methylgermanium species as their chloride complex has been developed and the extract was determined by an on-column capillary gas chromatography with a lab-modified flame phorometric detector(FPD) using quartz surface-induced germanium emission after pentylation with Grignard reaction. The extracted percentages for TMGe, DMGe and MMGe in a 100-ml 9mol/L HCl aqueous solution by a single extraction with 1 ml hexane are 86.6%, 87.4% and 96.2%, respectively. The precision for overall procedure range from 3.9% to 7.5%. The extraction was found to be independent of the initial concentration of methylgermanium species in the aqueous phase, which typically varied from 0.1 to 10 μg. This method is suitable for most types of environmental samples and, are superior to all hydride generation coupled spectrometric and spectrophotometric methods in terms of selectivity and tolerance ability to interference.

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