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Received July 21, 1997,Revised November 01, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 169-175

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The effects of soil solid components on soil sensitivity to acid deposition were studied in this paper by sequential extraction method. A multiple regression equation of soil sensitivity was set up on the basis of stepwise regression analysis. The results showed that organic matter expressed dual effects that were decided by soil original pH value and exchangeable cation composition on acid buffering reactions. The hydrolysis of activated oxides was a very important proton buffering reaction when in low pH situation. The crystalline oxides also played a role in the buffering reactions, but the role was restricted by the rate of activation of oxides. Meanwhile, the results by stepwise analysis showed that factors that had significant effect on soil acid buffering capacity were content of montmorillite, soil original pH value, Al0, Mn0 and CEC in decreasing order. Finally, sixteen soils were classified into four types of sensitive with single index cluster and multiple fuzzy cluster analysis respectively.

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