Received January 13, 1997,Revised September 29, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 181-188

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Beijing has been experiencing a severe shortage of water. At present serious wastes of water resources result from the unreasonable structure of water uses in various industries sectors. The current conditions of the municipal water use structure and its changes in the industrial sectors were analysed and discussed in terms of the indicators, such as direct water-use coefficient, complete water-use coefficient, water-use multiplier and water-reuse rate, by taking a year of 1990s as the base year. Some response strategies for water conservation have been studied and the corresponding recommendations were put forward. All of these have provided a basis for coordinating the relationship between aquatic environment and economic growth in this city, establishing a system for rational utilization of water resources, and promoting the implementation of a strategy for sustainable development.

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