Received March 28, 1997,Revised May 30, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 189-196

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The studies show that in the whole community, P is deficient, and N and K are basically balanced. N, P and K are accumulated in plant tissues and litters, but depleted in soil. N and P contents in surface soil(0-20 cm) are the main factors afficting crop growth, and P contents in 20-80 cm soil layer is the major affecting Paulownia elongate growth. The absorption coefficients of N, P and K in the communities are 0.078, 0.014 and 0.052 respectively, their utilization coefficients are 0.95, 0.90 and the recycling coefficients are 0.042, 0.05 and 0.063 respectively.

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