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Received May 26, 1997,Revised July 18, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 216-222

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Based on the determination of several trace elements in coal particulate of different specific gravity, three-variables regression equations relate the contents of trace elements Be, Cd, Co, Pb, Cu, Ni, As and three species of sulfur in coal were well established. For elements Cd, Co, Pb, Cu and Ni, the regression equations were successfully used for prediction of these trace elements in individual part of coal with different specific gravity. Factor analysis was also used to analyze the data sets. The results showed that a three factor model can interpret the data sets reasonably. Trace elements Cd, Co, Pb, Cu, Ni, inorganic sulfide and total sulfur in coal are high correlated with the first factor. Trace elements Be, sulfate and organic sulfide are high correlated with the second factor and trace elements Cr and As are high correlated with the third factor. The factors can be interpreted by the chemical properties of these elements.

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