Received June 11, 1997,Revised August 18, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 231-237

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This paper tries to integrate game theory, a very useful tool to resolve conflict phenomena, with optimal capital cost allocation issue in total emission control. First the necessity of allocating optimal capital costs fairly and reasonably among polluters in total emission control is analyzed. Then the possibility of applying game theory to the issue of the optimal capital cost allocation is expounded. Next the cooperative N- person game model of the optimal capital cost allocation and its solution ways including method based on Shapley value, least core method, weak least core methods, proportional least core method, CGA method, MCRS method and so on are delineated. Finally through application of these methods it is concluded that to apply game thory in the optimal capital cost allocation issue is helpful to implement the total emission control planning schemes successfully, to control pollution effectively, and to ensure sustainable development.

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