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Received July 14, 1997,Revised September 07, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 238-244

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The effect of lead, cadmium and zinc on the transcriptions and structures of 5 DNA fragments was studied by RNA slot blot hybridization and the analyze of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP). The seeds of three wheat strains (Yunmai29, 1257, 5118) which had grown in contaminated area, Huize Lead-zinc mine, Yunnan Province of China for a long time and the uncontaminated area were taken as the experimental materials. No obvious change of DNA structure was detected, but there were many differences in the DNA transcription levels. These results implied that lead, cadmium and zinc might inhibit DNA transcription and had might acclimate to metal pollution after having grown in pollution area for a long time and the interference of these metal ions in gene expression might be one of main mechanisms of metal toxicity and plant adaptation. The results also showed the microevolution of wheat in Lead-zinc mine.

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