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Received March 17, 1997,Revised November 12, 1997, Accepted , Available online

Volume 10,1998,Pages 252-256

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The curve of ion exchange ratio(%)-pH of the interaction between suspended particles with Cd(II) in the Yellow River was studied. The effects of lysine on this curve have been also investigated. The results showed that (1) Cadmium in Cd(OH)+ form in the suspended particles exchanges with the cations.The exchange ratio of Cd2+ is nearly at its greatest value in the range of pH (8.0-8.5) in natural aquatic system; (2) Ion exchange ratio decreases as the concentration of Cd2+ raises from 8.9×10-6 mol/L to 2x8.9 x 10-6mol/L; (3) At the lysine concentration of 6.8x10-6 mol/L, it can promote the ion exchange ratio; (4) Adsorption of the suspended particles to cadmium is weaker in seawater and Jin Sha River than in the Yellow River.

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