Received February 26, 1998,Revised June 26, 1998, Accepted , Available online

Volume 11,1999,Pages 106-110

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The energy of three forest ecosystems in the Three Gorge Reservoir Area were analyzed. The results showed that the existing energy were 151.2438, 139.2014 and 175.1659 (x1010 J/hm2), the annual net fixed energy were 38.8924, 31.2214 and 46.8231 (x1010J/hm2), and the utilization efficiency of light energy were 1.16, 0.99 and 1.40 for the Quercus acutissima forest(Q.A.), the Pinus massoniana forest (P.M.), and the Queresus acutissima and Pinus massoniana mixed forest (Q.P.), respectively. In the Three Gorge Reservoir Area, the energy efficiency of Quercus acutissima and Pinus massoniana mixed forest is the best.

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