Received June 30, 1998,Revised December 30, 1998, Accepted , Available online

Volume 12,2000,Pages 120-124

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The acidic wastewater containing manganese and other heavy metal ions came from the plant which produce titanium dioxide in the method of the sulfuric acid digestion was disposed under the processes of the pre-neutralization with the mineral containing phosphorus and calcium, alkaline precipitation and re-regulating pH with the raw wastewater. The removal ratio of manganese and ferrous were higher than 99% and 98%, respectively, when the concentration of manganese and ferrous were 46 mg/L and 2000 mg/L. More than 5800 mg/L of SO42- were neutralized also. The effluent pH was the range between 6 and 9, the concentration of other pollution substances were all very lower even have not discoveried.

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