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Received October 20, 1998,Revised December 07, 1998, Accepted , Available online

Volume 12,2000,Pages 144-148

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The transfer kinetics of phenol between aqueous phase and N,N di(methyl heptyl) acetaminde (N503) in kerosene has been studied using Lewis cell technique. The effects of the factors including the concentrations of phenol in aqueous phase and organic phase, the concentration of N503 in organic phase, the acidity of aqueous phase, the stirring speed and the temperature on the rates of forward and backward extraction of phenol have been examined. The regularity of extraction rate has been obtained. According to experimental results, the rates of both forward and backward extraction of phenol might be controlled by diffusion process. The diffusion step of phenol from aqueous phase to interface for forward extraction and from interface to aqueous phase for backward extraction might be the rate controlling steps.

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