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Received December 07, 1998,Revised July 29, 1999, Accepted , Available online

Volume 12,2000,Pages 213-219

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Short residence time of the sorbent in the gas stream and formation of a dense layer of reaction product surrounding its surface influence the sulfur removal efficiency. A practical means of improving the process performance is to employ fluidized-bed reaction in replacement of entrained-bed reaction on normally used in cool-side desulfurizaiton. This paper describes cold-modeling study of a circulating fluidized-bed reactor. Several aspects of the problem are discussed: fluidization behavior of CaO, attrition of the sorbent and solids entrainment from the fluidized bed.Mechanisms and key controlling parameters are identified, and an integral model based on rate of attrition and mass balance is developed for predicting steady-state mass flows and particle size distributions of the system. A process flow scheme is finally presented for conducting desulfurization tests in the second stage of the study.

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