Received December 23, 1998,Revised March 17, 1999, Accepted , Available online

Volume 12,2000,Pages 367-368

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In general, many pollutants co-exist in natural aquatic ecosystems. They affect each other and occur different results, such as synergism, addition and antagonism. So the research at mixtoxicity of contaminants to aquatic organism is more important than monotoxicity. In this paper, 50% effectual inhibition concentration 48h EC50 values of 6 kinds of nitroaromatic compounds to the green algae, Scenedesmus obliquus, were investigated. Mixtoxic experiments, in which any combination of 2,4-DNT and other 6kinds of compounds, indicate: (1) synergisms between 2,4-DNT and 4-NAn, as well as 4-NAnis, 1,4-DNB; (2) antagonisms between 2,4-DNT and 4-NT, as well as 4-NPh, 4-NCB.

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