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Received November 17, 2000,Revised February 12, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 7-11

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In 1999 aerosol samples were collected by cascade at Meteorological Tower in Beijing. The 12 group aerosol samples obtained were analyzed using PIXE method, which resulted in 20 elemental concentrations and size distribution of elemental concentrations. From the observation, the elemental concentrations,size distribution of elemental concentrations and their variations are analyzed. It shows that concentrations of the most elements in aerosols increase greatly compared with those in the past except that the concentrations of V, K, Sr, and the source of aerosols has changed greatly in the past decade. Fine mode aerosols increase more rapidly in the past decade, which may be due to the contribution of coal combustion and automobile exhaust. Pb content in aerosol is much higher than that at the beginning of 1980s, and has a decreasing trend in recent years because of using non-leaded gasoline.

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