Received October 27, 2000,Revised March 19, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 12-19

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The sorption behavior of polar or ionizable organiccompounds, such as p-nitrophenol, phenol and aniline, in thewater/organobentonite systems is investigated. Both adsorption andpartition occur to the sorption of organic compounds to dual-cationorganobentonites. The separate contributions of adsorption andpartition to the total sorption of organic compounds to dual-cationorganobentonites are analyzed mathematically in the first time. The factors to the contributions are also discussed. The results indicated that the contribution of adsorption and partition is related to the composition and ratio of dual-cation surfactants exchanging onto the bentonite. The sorption of organic compounds to dual-cation organobentonite is dominated by adsorption at low concentrations and by partition at high concentrations, making the organobentonites powerful sorbents for organic contaminants over wide range of concentrations.

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