Received November 20, 2000,Revised March 26, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 70-75

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The quantum yield is an important factor to evaluate the efficiency of photoreactor. This article gives an overall calculation method of the quantum efficiency(ф) and the apparent quantum efficiency(фa) to the TiO2/UV photocatalysis system. Furthermore, for the immobility system (IS), the formulation of the faction of light absorbed by the TiO2 thin film is proposed so as to calculate the quantum efficiency by using the measured value and theoretic calculated value of transmissivity (T). For the suspension system(SS), due to the difficulty to obtain the absorption coefficient (α) of TiO2 particulates, the quantum efficiency is calculated by means of the relative photonic efficiency (ξr) and the standard quantum yield (фstandard).

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