Received October 24, 2000,Revised November 26, 2000, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 79-82

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The trace metals analysis in synodontis membranaceus (Head and Tail), Bottom sediments, Asystasia Gangetica and Platostoma Africanium were carried out using atomic absorption spectrometer of model perkin Elmer 3110. Metals analysed were copper, nickel, mangenese, chromium, iron lead and cobalt. These metals were detected in the above samples. Vegetation samples concentration in copper, manganese, Chromium, iron and Cobalt were higher than those obtained in bottom sediments. The tail part of the fish contents of trace metals were also higher than those of the head. The results obtained in this work exceeded the results of water analysis carried out by Omoregha on the same river. Metals such as copper, nickel, manganese and chromium were below detection limit in the water from the same river. The bioaccumulation of these trace metals in these samples were traced to activities of Delta Glass factory.

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