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Received April 05, 2001,Revised June 22, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 317-324

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Nitrogen contaminant transport,transformation and uptake simulation experiments were conducted in green house under three different planting density of winter wheat.They were Group A,planting density of 0.0208 plants/cm2,Group B,0.1042 plants/cm2,and Group C,0.1415 plants/cm2.The capacity and ratio of nitrogen removal were different on three kinds of conditions of wastewater land treatment.From analysis of wastewater treatment capacity,wastewater concentration and irrigation intensity for Group C were suitable and nitrogen quantity added was 2 times of that for Group B,2.6 times for Group A while nitrogen residue was only 7.06%.Hence,wastewater irrigation and treatment design with purpose of waste water treatment should select the design with maximum capacity,optimal removal ratio and least residue in soil,which was closely related to crop planting density,crop growth status and also background nitrogen quantity in soil.

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