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Received April 09, 2001,Revised May 21, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 339-344

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The efficiency of phytosynthetic bacteria (PSB) to improve the water quality in saline-alkali ponds was studied,the result showed that (1) PSB application could increase the content of DO,NO3--N and effective phosphorus (EP) in ponds; (2) the changes of COD were not evident,just effective in later period after PSB application; (3) PSB application could decrease the contents of NH4--N (NH3-N),NO2- -N;(4) PSB application could improve the structure of the effective nitrogen (EN) and EP,stimulate the growth of phytoplankton,and increase primary productivity,and finally increase the commercial profits of ponds because of the increase of EP and the decrease of EN contents; (5)the effect-exerting speed of PSB was slower,but the effect-sustaining time was longer; (6) the appropriate concentration of PSB application in saline-alkali wetland ponds was 10 × 10-6 mg/L,one-time effective period was more than 15 days.So PSB was an efficient water quality improver in saline-alkali ponds.

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