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Received April 24, 2002,Revised July 01, 2002, Accepted , Available online

Volume 15,2003,Pages 487-493

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A scheme for watershed protection and landscape enhancement(WPLE) by utilization of river water was proposed to renovate waterresources and protect ecological environment in Qiongshan City, Hainan Province, China. Utilization of river water may diminish the droughtand flood risks. The scheme is beneficial to solve the problems of water resources shortage, groundwater declines and saltwater intrsion in thewatershed. The object of the WPLE scheme is to achieve a sustainable integrated development of environment, ecology, economy and society.A kind of physically beautiful and functionally vivid landscape may exert its synthetical function on the diversity of landscape and the enjoymentof inhabitants. Feasibility of the scheme will be demonstrated by more experiments and tests, as well as observations in a long term.

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