Received February 26, 2003,Revised March 28, 2003, Accepted , Available online

Volume 16,2004,Pages 328-331

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The relationship between adsorption behavior and photocatalytic mechanism of the two dyes was investigated. Adsorption isotherms showed that the adsorption of cationic pink FG was Langmuir type behavior, while the reactive brilliant red k-2G was Freundlich type behavior. The increasing pH favored the adsorption of FG but have little effect on the photodegradation. The increasing pH favored the adsorption and the photodegradation of k-2G. The presence of scavenger of h+vb and OH· radical potassium iodide inhibited the degradation of k-2G, free radicals scavenger tetranitromethane inhibited the photodegradation of FG. These results indicated that the photodegradation of FG mainly via free radicals in solution, and the photodegradation of k-2G was mainly on the catalysts surface or near the interface of solid and solution by react with h+vb and surface-bound OH·. The different effect of SO2-4, HCO-3 on the adsorp tion and photodegradation of two dyes confirmed these results.

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