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Received March 07, 2003,Revised April 25, 2003, Accepted , Available online

Volume 16,2004,Pages 343-347

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A bacterium(designated strain Y1) degrading acetanilide herbicide mefenacet was isolated from aerobicsludge. Based on the analyses of partial 16S rRNA gene, cellular fatty acid and BIOLOG-GN, and generalphysiological and biochemical characteristics, strain Y1 was identified as Sphingobacterium multivolum. Strain Y1was able to degrade mefenacet used as sources of carbon and energy. Degradation of mefenacet was accompaniedby producing the metabolites N-methylaniline and an unidentified compound with molecular weight 205, indicating ametabolic pathway of mefenacet initiated by hydrolysis of amido bond.

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