Sorption of pyrene on two paddy soils and their particle-size fractions

LI Jiu-hai , PAN Gen-xing


Received February 23, 2005,Revised July 08, 2005, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 962-965

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In the present study, the sorption of pyrene on two kinds of bulk paddy soils, Gleyic Stagnic Anthrosols(Typical Haplaquept, USA Soil Taxonomy), and Ferric accumulic Stagnic Anthrosols and their particle-size fractions was investigated. The sorption isotherms fitted well with Freundlich equation. For both soils, the clay fraction(<2 μm) and coarse sand(2000―250 μm) fraction had higher sorption capacity than fine sand fraction(250―20 μm) and silt fraction(20―2 μm). The logKoc values obtained of each soil and its particle-size fractions were similar, proving that SOM content was a key factor affecting soil pyrene sorption. The Kd values showed a significant correlation with contents of dithionite-extractable Fe in both paddy soils and a good relationship with CEC in Gleyic Stagnic Anthrosols, indicating possible effects of surface properties of particle-size fractions on the sorption of pyrene.

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