Ambient air temperature Effects on the temperature of sewage sludge composting process

HUANG Qi-fei , CHEN Tong-bin , GAO Ding , HUANG Ze-chun


Received March 04, 2005,Revised June 10, 2005, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 1004-1007

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Using data obtained with a full-scale sewage sludge composting facility, this paper studied the effects of ambient air temperature on the composting temperature with varying volume ratios of sewage sludge and recycled compost to bulking agent. Two volume ratios were examined experimentally, 1:0:1 and 3:1:2. The results show that composting temperature was influenced by ambient air temperature and the influence was more significant when composting is in the temperature rising process: composting temperature changed 2.4-6.5℃ when ambient air temperature changed 13℃. On the other hand, the influence is smaller when composting is in the high-temperature and/or temperature falling process: composting temperature changes 0.75-1.3℃ when ambient air temperature changes 8-15℃. Hysteresis effect was observed in composting temperature's responses to ambient air temperature. When the ventilation capability of pile was excellent(at a volume ratio of 1:0:1), the hysteresis time was short and ranging 1.1-1.2 h. On the contrary, when the proportion of added bulking agent was low, therefore less porosity in the substrate(at a volume ratio of 3:1:2), the hysteresis time was long and ranging 1.9-3.1 h.

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