Responses of antioxidant enzyme and photosynthesis in rape seedling to the combined stresses from simulated acid rain and elevated ultraviolet-B radiation

LIANG Chan-juan , HUANG Xiao-hua , TAO Wen-yi , ZHOU Qing


Received February 16, 2005,Revised March 30, 2005, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 1038-1041

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Effects of the simulated acid rain(AR) and ultraviolet-B(UV-B, 280-320 nm) radiation with a single or two ways simultaneously(AR+UV-B) on the antioxidant enzyme and photosynthesis of the rape seedlings were investigated by the hydroponic culture. The results of static experiment indicated that the tolerance of rape seedling to single stress(AR or UV-B) is stronger than to that dual stresses(AR+UV-B). Furthermore, the dual stresses has an additive effect on catalase activity, and a synergistic effect on MDA content, net photosynthesis rate, water use efficiency as well as intercellular CO2 concentration. Meanwhile, it has an independent effect on chlorophyll content, stomatal conductance, and transpiration rate as well as membrane permeability. During 64h restoration course, the dynamic change in the curves of physiological and biochemical indices are not identical, and none of them show a simple linear variation. According to the static and dynamic experiment, it was found that a responsive sequence of catalase activity, membrane permeability, MDA content and photosynthetic characteristics to the above-mentioned stresses is as follows: AR+UV-B>UV-B>AR.

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