Aquatic environment

Thermodynamics and kinetics of cadmium adsorption ontooxidized granular activated carbon

HUANG Xin , GAO Nai-yun , ZHANG Qiao-li


Received January 11, 2007,Revised April 16, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 1287-1292

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Cadmium sorption behavior of granular activated carbon oxidized with nitric acid was systematically studied by sets of the equilibrium and time-based experiments under various conditions. The cadmium adsorption capacity of oxidized granular activated carbon enlarged with an increase in pH, and reduced with an increase in ionic strength. Experimental data were evaluated to find out kinetic characteristics. Adsorption processes were found to follow pseudo-second order rate equation. Adsorption isotherms correlate well with the Langmuir isotherm model and the maximum sorption capacity of cadmium evaluated is 51.02 mmol/g. Thermodynamic parameters were calculated based on Van’t Ho equation. Equilibrium constant Kd was evaluated from Freundlich isotherm model constants, Langmuir isotherm model constants, and isotherms, respectively. The average change of standard adsorption heat H0 was –25.29 kJ/mol. Negative H0 and G0 values indicate the adsorption process for cadmium onto the studied activated carbon is exothermic and spontaneous. The standard entropy S 0 was also negative, which suggests a decrease in the freedom of the system.

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