Environmental catalysis and materials

Kinetics of selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3on Fe-Mo/ZSM-5 catalyst

LI Zhe , SHEN Lin-tao , HUANG Wei , XIE Ke-chang


Received March 01, 2007,Revised July 30, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 1516-1519

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The catalyst of Fe-Mo/ZSM-5 has been found to be more active than Fe-ZSM-5 and Mo/ZSM-5 separately for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of nitric oxide (NO) with NH3. The kinetics of the SCR reaction in the presence of O2 was studied in this work. The results showed that the observed reaction orders were 0.74–0.99, 0.01–0.13, and 0 for NO, O2 and NH3 at 350–450°C, respectively. And the apparent activation energy of the SCR was 65 kJ/mol on the Fe-Mo/ZSM-5 catalyst. The SCR mechanism was also deduced. Adsorbed NO species can react directly with adsorbed ammonia species on the active sites to form N2 and H2O. Gaseous O2 might serve as a reoxidizing agent for the active sites that have undergone reduction in the SCR process. It is also important to note that a certain amount of NO was decomposed directly over the Fe-Mo/ZSM-5 catalyst in the absence of NH3.

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